Waycross Police Department Sections

Criminal Investigation

The Criminal Investigations Section of the Waycross Police Department is responsible for the investigation of incidents which include, in part, property crimes, financial crimes, sexual assaults, violent assaults or any felony crime. This Section is commanded by Capt. Greg Young and he is assisted by a Lieutenant. The Criminal Investigations Section maintains an on-call status for 24/7 service.

The first line supervisor for the general investigation unit of the section is Det. Sergeant Teresa Grant. Det. Sergeant Grant is a 30-year veteran of the department, with most of her tenure in investigations. Under her supervision this year, the Criminal investigations unit thrived. Grant has ensured that the individual investigators are assigned cases which suit their areas of specialty.

Detectives Larry Hill and Rodney Davis are normally assigned property crimes and crimes against persons; i.e. burglary, robbery, thefts, etc.

Detective Taylor Luciano is the newest investigator to the section. She works closely with Sergeant Grant as she handles most of the sexual assault cases and crimes against children.

Sergeant Grant commonly works financial crimes.

The Waycross Drug Team is supervised by Lieutenant Scott Rowell, a 12-year veteran of the department. Detective Greg Kinlaw currently works with Lt. Rowell on the team. The team/unit is tasked with identifying, arresting, prosecuting and dismantling drug operations in Waycross. Lieutenant Rowell ensures that all actions taken by this team are done so within departmental policies and constitutional limits.

Contact Information:

Office 912.287.2929 or 912.287.2933
Fax 912.287.2932

Special Operations

Crime Prevention & Community Relations

The Special Operations Section is responsible for all vice-related investigations. This is the most proactive section in the department. Their primary investigations revolve mostly around drug sales, prostitution, alcohol sales, and gang-related activities. This section is commanded by Capt. Trent Gibbs and he is assisted by a Lieutenant.

The Community Relations / Crime Prevention Officer presents programs to the community such as Home Security, Senior Citizen Safety, Personal Safety, Stranger Danger, Gun Safety, Women’s SAFE course, and Women’s shooting course. Programs are presented upon request from clubs, schools, or civic organizations.

The Community Relations Officer also coordinates the Citizen Police Academy. The Citizen Police Academy is offered to the community to educate citizens on the tasks, training, and various other aspects of each section within the police department. It is a 10-week class that has been well received from past participants.

Senior Safety Day and Kids Fun Day are community events sponsored by the police department. These are provided to educate the public and give the officers a chance to give back to the community.

For more information, or for a presentation, please contact Officer Jessica McIntosh at 912.287.2921 or 912.614.1928. If no answer, please leave a message.


The Uniform Patrol Section of the Waycross Police Department is the largest and most visible section in the police department. Uniform Patrol Officers are the primary responders to emergency incidents, calls for service, and carry out the majority of custodial arrests concerning criminal activity. Capt. Benji Hersey commands the Uniform Patrol Section which consists of 4 shifts, each supervised by a Lieutenant.

Capt. Cox has direct supervision over Unit Commanders with the rank of lieutenant. The lieutenants supervise the watch commanders or sergeants of the four shifts. The sergeants directly supervise the individual officers assigned to their shifts. The Watch Commanders directly supervise (33) thirty-three uniformed police officers.

The Uniform Patrol Section also consists of specialized units. These specialized units are the Community Response Team, Bicycle Unit, K-9 Unit, and Traffic Safety Team, along with School Resource Officers.

The Community Response Team has the primary function of responding to community concerns as a whole squad instead of responding individually to calls for service. The CRT’s primary objective is to improve the quality of life for neighborhood residents affected as a whole as it relates to neighborhood criminal activity and quality of life issues. The CRT solicits citizen involvement through community meetings, community walks, and individual relationships developed over time. They use this information to determine what type of police activity is needed in a particular area. The complaints received and acted on come from citizens who may otherwise not seek police assistance for various reasons.

The Bicycle Unit, consisting of 8 bicycles, has the primary responsibility of acquiring a more personal approach from the citizens and the development of police/citizen relationships. Bicycle Officers can navigate and operate in areas where patrol cars cannot. The physical barrier of the patrol car is removed and the officers are much more approachable from a citizen’s point of view.

The Uniform Patrol Section of the Waycross Police Department is supplemented by the Police K-9 Unit. Each K-9 is assigned to a K-9 handler. The K-9’s primary functions are tracking criminal suspects, searching for evidence, searching for drugs, officer protection, and in the most serious of circumstances, K-9 apprehension of fleeing suspects deemed a risk to the public if escape is accomplished.

The Traffic Safety Team’s primary function is the reduction of accidents, to prevent death and injury, and to gain voluntary compliance to the state traffic laws. The Traffic Safety Team carries out this function through enforcement activities in areas of concern, identified through data collection, mapping of accidents, citizens’ concerns, and personal observation by the traffic safety team members. Emphasis is placed on child restraint and seatbelt enforcement along with speed enforcement due to their direct relationship to the number of injuries and deaths relating to motor vehicle accidents.

The School Resource Officer program places law enforcement resources in Ware County High School, Waycross Middle School, and are available to the elementary schools. The goal is to help provide a safe environment for students to learn. The function of the SRO is to be a resource for student counseling, guidance and education.

Administrative Services

The Administrative Services Section is the support arm of the Waycross Police Department. This section facilitates municipal court, maintains evidence, record keeping and retention, research and development, and handles national accreditation through the Commission of Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies (CALEA) and state certification through the Georgia Association of Chiefs of Police. The Administrative Services Section is also in charge of departmental training. This section is commanded by Capt. Paul Crawford. He is assisted by two Lieutenants".